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Three Phase Busbar Joint


1mm Cu 80A. Code 1.5mm Cu 100A. Code 2mm Cu 125A. Code Module Pcs Pcs/B
ONKA-3041 Onka-3051 Onka-3066 4 30
ONKA-3042 Onka-3052 Onka-3067 6 30
ONKA-3043 Onka-3053 Onka-3068 8 30
ONKA-3044 Onka-3054 Onka-3069 10 30
ONKA-3045 Onka-3055 Onka-3070 20(1m.) 25
ONKA-3056 Plastic Covers Of Busbars --
ONKA-5883 1 mm Plastic Covers Of Busbars --